3×9 PLANNING & DESIGN is a studio that creates conscious, innovative spaces & projects that helps brands thrive. We offer a blend of unique design, manufacturing, management & strategy expertise to help our clients successfully communicate their vision.

At the core of our brand is our ability to add Value, Velocity and Collaboration to any project, however big or small. We acknowledge that our clients have sophisticated creative visions bringing value & intent to their businesses or projects.

Our ability to deliver exceptional projects that compete at the highest level is achieved by harnessing our cross industry experience of the 3×9 brand, combined with 20+ years of hands on manufacturing, prototyping & producing.

Antonio Millares III, Principle Creative

Brooklyn, New York native, Antonio Millares III co-founded his first firm, Descience, in 1998.  After moving to Vancouver, in 2001, he founded ûrthwûrks furniture inc, a boutique architectural woodworking studio where his creative process united traditional craftsmanship with modern computerized innovation.   

Working with highly acclaimed clients around the globe, Antonio & his teams have developed uncompromising standards in both woodworking & design.  In 2012, ûrthwûrks joined forces with 3DS to bring a new level of craft & quality to their in-house millwork & design department.  In 2014, Antonio co-founded 3×9 PLANNING & DESIGN with the family dogs and his wife. 

Oribu Yokota, Director

Oribu is an experienced producer & culture curator. She handles all operational aspects of 3×9 as well as curates many of the collaborations. With her extensive experience of producing large scale projects, Oribu works alongside Antonio infusing her expertise into 3×9 projects. Her expertise in project management, production, & curation has been gained in the last 20 years with her company skyland planning & networks.  Her work has taken her to countries such as Korea, Budapest, Russia, England, Canada, USA, Hong Kong, France etc.

Working in different cultures and fields has honed her skills in cross cultural communications and curation.  She has worked in and consulted in fields such as education, design, film production & real estate development & specializes in the Asian market, predominately, the Japanese market.