Space Done Right.

Initial sessions confirm your space requirements while getting to know your brand and team. We identify the culture of the company, how people work in symphony and create a wish list for your new space based on these insights. This is a highly interactive process which we encourage your team to participate in.
Space Planning

Space planning is key for increasing productivity, efficiency and optimal communicative interactions. We partner with your team to learn together how different departments interact with each other, as well as what the critical work flow paths are. Understanding these symbiotic relationships and the key performance requirements of each department will enable 3×9 to create an effective work environment. One which will stimulate the imagination and foster innovation throughout the organization.

Brand Integration

3×9’s expertise is to help our clients successfully communicate their vision and brand through space planning and aesthetics. Your space tells a story of the brand and the people that work within it. We learn the work flow and see what areas can be improved for maximum economy in an innovative, evolving way.

Private & Collaborative Spaces

A balanced workspace considers and encompasses both public and private areas within an office. 3×9 makes careful considerations based on the corporate culture and the necessities of the individuals to determine the elements that will create harmony and wellbeing. While an open space may work for one department, it may not for another. It is our job to make sure that everyone and every department has their own space based on their needs.